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About us


We are a group of young entrepreneurs and engineers.

We hope to contribute to the future with groundbreaking ideas.

We provide smart solutions for businesses of all sizes and are confident in their unmatched service.


We specialize in research and development of "offline" technologies in the IT industry.


We researched Bluetooth / Wi-Fi technology, developed our own protocol, and developed an application called "AirTalk".

Based on that basic technology, we designed and developed our own Bluetooth beacon, and developed a beacon that can transmit over 900m. Using the beacon, we are developing products for "Mimamori" such as wandering. We are also developing a wandering prevention system that uses AI to provide a comprehensive monitoring system.


Our goal is to contribute to the prevention of dementia wandering, which is also a problem in modern society, and to solve social problems.


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Our product




Mimamori Beacon


BLE5.0 / Drone




It is a "chat app that allows offline chat".

Would you like to send a message to someone nearby?
Do you want to know what the people around you are thinking?
Please open AirTalk and see what kind of messages people around you are sending.


Mimamori Beacon

It is a wandering prevention system for dementia.

Beacons can detect areas up to 900 m in diameter.


BLE5.0 / Drone

Development of long-distance BLE- "Achieving 7 km"

Using a long-range beacon using Bluetooth5, we succeeded in transmitting and receiving aircraft identification and flight position information between two drones, and receiving aircraft identification and flight position information with a smartphone on the ground.

■ Background OFF Line, as a member of the Japan Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operation Management Consortium (JUTM), participates in a working group on remote aircraft identification and flight position grasping, and our strength is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). We have been researching and developing aircraft identification and information sharing systems using Bluetooth.


Mimamori AI camera

"Mimamori AI Camera" is

Amazon's "AWS DeepLens Face Recognition Technology"

It is a system that prevents unauthorized going out due to wandering and unauthorized discharge from medical facilities.



Koichi Ishizuka


  • Harvard Business School AMP Graduate (2011)

  • Carnegie Mellon University MBA Business Game Course Completed (Company Dispatch)

  • Aoyama Gakuin University Graduate School of International Management (MBA) Completed

  • Graduated from Southwestern University (graduated in 2 years)



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OFF Line Japan Co., Ltd.

 Esutsuwin Shinjuku 4th floor, 4-30 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku 160-0004, Japan